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Northwestern University Course Equivalent Nevada State College Course
ACCOUNT 250 ACC202 - Managerial Accounting
COMMST 102-0 COM101 - Oral Communication
ECON B010 ECON103 - Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON B020 ECON102 - Principles of Microeconomics
ECON B80 ECON261 - Principles of Statistics I
ENG A050 ENG101 - Composition I
FREN A01 FREN111 - First Year French I
FREN A01 FREN112 - First Year French II
GENCMN 102-0 COM101 - Oral Communication
GSP A01 COM102 - Intro to Interpersonal Comm
GSP A01 COM101 - Oral Communication
MATH B14 MATH283 - Calculus III
MATH B143 MATH283 - Calculus III
MGT 1115 BUS101 - Introduction to Business
OB C09 MGT367 - Human Resource Management
ORGBEH 301 MGT301 - Prin of Mgt & Org Bhvr
ORGBEH 309 MGT367 - Human Resource Management
SOC A10 SOC101 - Principles of Sociology
SOC A100 SOC101 - Principles of Sociology
SOC B02 SOC102 - Contemporary Social Issues
SPAN A01 SPAN111 - Elementary Spanish I
SPAN A01 SPAN112 - Elementary Spanish II
SPAN A02 SPAN211 - Second Year Spanish I
SPAN A02 SPAN212 - Second Year Spanish II