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University of Connecticut Course Equivalent Nevada State College Course
ARTH 1137 ARTLDELEC - Art LD Elective
DRAM 110 FISLDELEC - Film Studies LD Elective
ENGL 1010 ENGLDELEC - English LD Elective
ENGL 271W ENG241 - Survey of American Lit I
GEOG 150 GEOGLDELEC - Geography LD Elective
GEOG 1700 GEOGLDELEC - Geography LD Elective
GPS 4278W TRCRUDELEC - General Transfer Credit
HDFR 183 TRCRLDELEC - General Transfer Credit
HDFS 3249 TRCRUDELEC - General Transfer Credit
MATH 1011Q MATH124 - College Algebra
MUSI 191 MUS121 - Music Appreciation
PSYC 3105 PSYUDELEC - Psychology UD Elective