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Iowa Lakes Community College Course Equivalent Nevada State College Course
AR 103A ART160 - Art Appreciation
BE 102A NURS122 - Medical Terminology
BS 106A IS101 - Intro to Information Systems
BS 113A ECON103 - Principles of Macroeconomics
EN 113A ENG101 - Composition I
EN 123A ENG102 - Composition II
EN 223A ENG242 - Survey of American Lit II
EN 253A ENG231 - World Literature I
MA 151A MATHLDELEC - Mathematics LD Elective
PY 213A PSYLDELEC - Psychology LD Elective
SC 131A BIOLLDELEC - Biology LD Elective
SC 220A BIOL196 - Principles of Modern Biology I
SP 103A COM101 - Oral Communication
SS 123A SOC102 - Contemporary Social Issues
SS 146A HIST105 - European Civilization to 1648