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Indiana University Northwest Course Equivalent Nevada State College Course
BIOL L100 ENV101 - Intro to Environmental Science
BUS W100 BUS101 - Introduction to Business
CSCI A106 CS105 - Cmptrs in the Information Age
CSCI C106 IS101 - Intro to Information Systems
ECON E103 ECON102 - Principles of Microeconomics
ECON E104 ECON103 - Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON E270 ECON261 - Principles of Statistics I
EDUC 150 EDULDELEC - Education LD Elective
EDUC 205 EDULDELEC - Education LD Elective
ENG 131 ENG101 - Composition I
ENG L141 ENG101 - Composition I
ENG L142 ENG102 - Composition II
ENG W131 ENG101 - Composition I
FINA H100 ART160 - Art Appreciation
FREN F150 FREN112 - First Year French II
FREN F200 FREN111 - First Year French I
HIST 103 HISTLDELEC - History LD Elective
HIST 113 HISTLDELEC - History LD Elective
HIST H105 HIST101 - US History to 1877
HIST H106 HIST102 - US History Since 1877
HIST H113 HIST105 - European Civilization to 1648
HIST H114 HIST106 - European Civ since 1648
HMEC 231 NUTR223 - Principles of Nutrition
HPER E102 TRANELEC - Transfer Elective Course
HPER E187 TRANELEC - Transfer Elective Course
MATH 6 TRCRNOTRAN - Non-Transferrable Credits
MATH M118 MATH132 - Finite Mathematics
PHIL 100 PHILLDELEC - Philosophy LD Elective
PHIL 140 PHIL135 - Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 150 PHIL102 - Critical Thinking & Reasoning
PHIL 246 PHILLDELEC - Philosophy LD Elective
PHIL P100 PHIL101 - Introduction to Philosophy
PHSL P130 BIOL100 - Gen Biol for Non-Majors
PSY 101 PSY101 - General Psychology
PSY 102 PSYLDELEC - Psychology LD Elective
PSY 316 PSYUDELEC - Psychology UD Elective
PSY P101 PSY101 - General Psychology
SOC S161 SOC101 - Principles of Sociology
SPAN 101 SPAN111 - Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 110 SPAN111 - Elementary Spanish I
SPCH 122 COM102 - Intro to Interpersonal Comm
SPCH S121 COM101 - Oral Communication
SPCH S122 COM102 - Intro to Interpersonal Comm