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Cebu Doctors College College of Arts & Sciences Course Equivalent Nevada State College Course
BIOL14 BIOL14, BIOL14 BIOL14 BIOL251 - General Microbiology
MATH11 MATH11 MATH124 - College Algebra
PSYC11 PSYC11 PSY101 - General Psychology
SOCIO11 SOCIO11 SOC101 - Principles of Sociology
SPAN11 SPAN11 SPAN111 - Elementary Spanish I
SPAN12 SPAN12 SPAN112 - Elementary Spanish II
SPAN13 SPAN13 SPAN211 - Second Year Spanish I
SPCH11 SPCH11 COM101 - Oral Communication
ZOOL15 ZOOL15, ZOOL15 ZOOL15 BIOL223 - Human Anatomy & Physiology I
ZOOL17 ZOOL17, ZOOL17 ZOOL17 BIOL224 - Human Anatomy & Physiology II