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De La Salle University Philippines Course Equivalent Nevada State College Course
ACCOFI1 ACCOFI1 ACC201 - Financial Accounting
ALGEBRA ALGEBRA MATH124 - College Algebra
BI BI, BI BI BIOL100 - Gen Biol for Non-Majors
CHEMSITR CHEMSITRY CHEM121 - General Chemistry I
CRITICAL CRITICALTHINKIN PHIL102 - Critical Thinking & Reasoning
EC EC ECON103 - Principles of Macroeconomics
EC EC ECON102 - Principles of Microeconomics
EC EC ECON261 - Principles of Statistics I
FINAN AC FINAN ACCOUNT I ACC201 - Financial Accounting
INTRODPH INTRODPHILOSOPH PHIL101 - Introduction to Philosophy
LOGIC LOGIC PHIL109 - Introduction to Formal Logic
MANAGERI MANAGERIAL ACCO ACC202 - Managerial Accounting
ORAL COM ORAL COMM COM101 - Oral Communication
SPANISH SPANISH SPAN111 - Elementary Spanish I
SPANISH SPANISH SPAN112 - Elementary Spanish II