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St Scholasticas College Course Equivalent Nevada State College Course
ACC ACC ACC202 - Managerial Accounting
ART ART ART160 - Art Appreciation
BUS BUS MGT367 - Human Resource Management
BUS BUS MKT210 - Marketing Principles
BUS BUS MGT391 - Quantitative Analysis
ETHICS ETHICS PHIL135 - Introduction to Ethics
GEN PSYC GEN PSYCH PSY101 - General Psychology
INTD MAS INTD MASS COMMU COM218 - Survey of Mass Communication
INTROD F INTROD FILM FIS100 - Introduction to Film
LAN LAN SPAN111 - Elementary Spanish I
LAN LAN SPAN112 - Elementary Spanish II
LAN LAN SPAN211 - Second Year Spanish I
LAN LAN SPAN212 - Second Year Spanish II
LOGIC LOGIC PHIL109 - Introduction to Formal Logic
MUSIC AP MUSIC APPRECIAT MUS121 - Music Appreciation
PHIL PHIL PHIL109 - Introduction to Formal Logic
PSYC PSYC PSY101 - General Psychology
SOCI SOCI SOC101 - Principles of Sociology
SSC SSC SOC102 - Contemporary Social Issues