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West Hills College Lemoore

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West Hills College Lemoore Course Equivalent Nevada State College Course
ART 42 ARTLDELEC - Art LD Elective
BIO 10 BIOLLDELEC - Biology LD Elective
BUS 1A BUS101 - Introduction to Business
BUS 20 BUSLDELEC - Business LD Elective
ECON 1A ECON102 - Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 1B ECON103 - Principles of Macroeconomics
ENG 1A ENG101 - Composition I
ENG 1B ENG102 - Composition II
GEOG 1 GEOGLDELEC - Geography LD Elective
GEOG 3 GEOGLDELEC - Geography LD Elective
HE 35 TRCRLDELEC - General Transfer Credit
HIST 17A HISTLDELEC - History LD Elective
HIST 17B HISTLDELEC - History LD Elective
MATH 1A MATH181 - Calculus I
MATH 1B MATH182 - Calculus II
PE 11 TRCRLDELEC - General Transfer Credit
PE 17 TRCRLDELEC - General Transfer Credit
PHIL 1 PHILLDELEC - Philosophy LD Elective
PHIL 2 PHILLDELEC - Philosophy LD Elective
POLSC 1 PSCLDELEC - Political Science LD Elective
PSYCH 2 PSYLDELEC - Psychology LD Elective
SP 1 COM101 - Oral Communication