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University of Ilorin Course Equivalent Nevada State College Course
ACCT U ACCUDELEC - Accounting UD Elective
AGRI L TRCRLDELEC - General Transfer Credit
AGRI U TRCRUDELEC - General Transfer Credit
BIOL L BIOLLDELEC - Biology LD Elective
CHEM L CHEMLDELEC - Chemistry LD Elective
ECON L ECONLDELEC - Economics LD Elective
ECON RULE ECONUDELEC - Economics UD Elective
ESL L TRCRNOTRAN - Non-Transferrable Credits
GEOL L GEOL100 - Earthquakes, Volcanoes, & Natu
HIST L HISTLDELEC - History LD Elective
MATH L MATHLDELEC - Mathematics LD Elective
MGMT U MGTUDELEC - Management UD Elective
NUTR L NUTRLDELEC - Nutrition LD Elective
PHILO L PHILLDELEC - Philosophy LD Elective
SCI L BIOLLDELEC - Biology LD Elective
SOCIO L SOCLDELEC - Sociology LD Elective
STAT L STATLDELEC - Statistics LD Elective
STAT U STATUDELEC - Statistics UD Elective